Who I Am~ Who I Want to Be

This Is My Life

It starts now. It, being life.

Hi, I’m V! I’m planning on keeping a low profile so not going to give to much information on myself. January 25 2017 is the day I decided to write a blog, this blog. I’m suppose to be studying for an exam but got carried away in the moment. So… I made website because I decided life was too short. I wanted to express everything I have to say, everything I want to remember, everything I want to forget. Thus, meaning I write a blog, a blog where the invisible girl in school unintentionally becomes famous because someone in her school found the website and now the biggest drama at the school is who is the mystery girl. Unfortunately, this is reality and this blog will most likely never be seen by a living soul in my school or my life. If anyone is reading this please understand that life is too short and umm enjoy the blog?